Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Five Things Prospective Clients Really Want to Buy

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1. More money. You’ve got to show them how hiring you will allow them to end up with more money.

2. More time. Show them how you’re going to save them time and free it up for other important activities. Demonstrate how your systems and experience will accelerate the process and let them get on with the enjoyable parts of their life.

3. Less frustration. Explain how your work will keep them from being forced to do things they don’t like. Show them how you’ll help them avoid document editing, financial analysis, data input, financial organization, etc. and the associated hassles.

4. Avoid loss. They worry about losing it all. They don’t want to lose their money. They don’t want to lose the connection with their children. They don’t want to suffer a significant lifestyle change. You’ve got to show them how you spot opportunities to save them money and preserve their portion of the estate. Show them how you’ll help maintain the physical and emotional connection to the children. Show them how you’re going to protect them.

5. Feeling good. Help the client understand how hiring you will make them feel better. They’ll know things are being handled and that they can relax. They’ll feel less anxious. Some will even feel better about themselves when they tell others they’ve got a high powered, high status divorce lawyer on their side. They’ll feel good.