Friday, April 9, 2010

Presentations from Ignite Law: 2010- The Future of Law Practice: in Six-minute Increments

Videos, each limited to six minutes in length, about the future of the practice of law.


1. Larry Port: Agile Legal Management: What Law Firms Can Learn from the Software Industry
2. Ed Adams: 50 Lawyers, 1,000 Miles and 2,000 Tweets: The Future of Legal Journalism
3. Joy Heath Rush: Law 2020
4. Marc Lauritsen: Choiceboxing
5. Kevin Chern: The New Ethics of Legal Marketing
6. Tom Mighell: No Lawyer Left Behind: A Realistic Approach to Practice Management Education
7. Carolyn Elefant: The Biglaw-Solo Partnership: Outsourcing Innovation and the Lessons of Tommy Supreme
8. Ari Kaplan: What I Learned About the Future of Legal Marketing From Playing Wii Bowling with a 4 1/2 Year Old

1. Jack Newton: What a Law Firm Can Learn From Zappos. Hint: It isn’t About Selling Shoes
2. Will Hornsby: Lawyer Advertising, From Here to Eternity
3. Teresa Rosado: Self-service, Full Access Society: Technology and Social Media Implications for the Jury Box
4. Rebeka Stafford: Necessity is the Mother of Innovation: the Legal Profession in a New Economy
5. Steve Newsom: Can Legal Research be Free?
6. Niki Black: Boldly Go Where No Lawyer Has Gone Before
7. Doug Sorocco: Slaying the Beast: Using Small Firm Thinking to Beat Big Firms Every Time
8. Ernie Svenson: Information Processing for Lawyers