Monday, September 6, 2010

How Hard Do You Work?

Reflecting on the Labor Day holiday, I thought it appropriate to share the following passage from this post on the Six Pixels of Separation Blog. Many thanks to Jay Fleischman for re-tweeting it.

Hard Labor

"You work too much." "You must be a workaholic." "Do you ever sleep?" "When do you take a break?"

Right now...

* Someone is caring for a very sick, little girl with leukemia.
* Someone is chasing down a very drunk driver.
* Someone is taking care of their dying Mother.
* Someone is cleaning out the kennel at a local shelter for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
* Someone is trying to fix a highway in the sweltering heat.
* Someone is counseling a child who has been molested.
* Someone is offering care to the people in Pakistan that are homeless due to the flood.
* Someone is running into a burning building to save a family.
* Someone is still rebuilding homes in New Orleans.
* Someone is helping a soldier deal with the loss of their limbs.
* Someone is answering the phones at 911.
* Someone is caring for the very sick and under-nourished people in the third world.
* Someone is dipping into their meager teaching salary to buy art supplies for their underprivileged students.
* Someone is trying to right a wrong.

I don't work hard. Odds are you don't work that hard either.