Thursday, August 18, 2011

Intergenerational Tech Wars, Feeling Smarter, and Peaches

I can't weave these disparate articles into a single theme.

America's New Civil War: Boomers vs. Millennials, by Billy Warden and Greg Behr of GBW Strategies, points out that four generations -- The Silents, Boomers, GenX, and Millennials-- now populate the workforce, each with a different view of the role of technology.

In contrast to the Learning Optimism with the 24x3 Method, The Scott Adams Blog describes just how you can belittle everyone in your office in a post called Feeling Smarter.

From, The Ten Most Ridiculous Tech Lawsuits of the 21st Century.

Also from, 10 Technologies That Will Change the World in the Next 10 Years.

And finally, an NPR story,Sweet Lessons From A South Carolina Peach Professor, profiling Desmond Layne, a peach specialist at Clemson University. As described in this article in the New York Times (also mentioning Layne-- he has had a good media month) South Carolina grows and ships more peaches than any state but California.

Yes, more than Georgia.