Saturday, July 14, 2012

Five Tiny Tips to be Happier- by@umairhaque

Here are five (actually six) tips from Umair Haque about happiness, all of which he recently tweeted.

1) Get the hell off the Internet.  The Internet is the new smoking.

2) Stop trying to feel good.  Start trying to do (a little bit of) good.  Yes, you have to "define" it.  That's the challenge.

3) Don't pretend you're happy if you're not.  You'll end up pretending yourself away.  Tell yourself a story about yourself that's true.

4) We are all misfits, freaks, dorks, and, much of the time, losers and failures.  It's OK.  Embrace it.  Laugh at impossibility.

5) Stop looking.  Start creating.  First, live.

6) Stop trying to be happy.  Start trying to be awesome.

Now go do it.