Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Five Posts You Viewed Most in 2013

  1. Five Must-Reads for Graduates (and Everyone Else).  Thanks to Jay Bilas for retweeting this piece and with one click making it the most popular post of the year by far.
  2. Computer and KM Stuff Good Lawyers Should Know (First Draft).  It is about time to do a second draft.  Did any of you catch the Dick DiVenzio reference in the title of the post?
  3. Every Lawyer is a Technologist: Take a Step Back to Take the First Step Forward. People, Processes, and Computer Technology are the tools you use.
  4. Some Thoughts on "Email: The Reality in Law in 2013". My discussion with Christian Stegmaier
  5. Smarter Than You Think and its Lessons for the Legal Profession. A really important read for lawyers trying to figure out how to work with computers.