Friday, July 22, 2016

The (Shared) Week In Review

This Week in Law - AI, Oh My!. If you are interested in where the unevenly distributed future for artificial intelligence exists today, this podcast is a pretty good summary. Andrew Arruda of Ross Intelligence ("Your Brand New Artificially Intelligent Lawyer')  is a guest, as is Joshua Browder, founder of DoNotPay ("The World's First Robot Lawyer").  One of the takeways is a point I have made before: there are almost unlimited possibilities when computers and attorneys work together and leverage their respective strengths.

Kennedy-Mighell Report: The Future of AI in the Practice of Law. See above.  I really like the idea of calling it "Assistive Intelligence," especially to further the idea that computers and people are most effective when they work together.

How E-Signatures Will Make You a High-Tech Professional. Consider modifying your processes to take advantage of the E-Sign Act and the various state UETA laws.

Lawyers Should Take Notes By Hand. Why? Because it helps you process and retain the information you take in, as opposed to merely copying it.  In other words, and as described in the article, instead of transcribing everything you hear, instead you 1) pay attention; and 2) figure out what is important.

Time to Speak Up for the Next Generation. "21% of licensed, employed attorneys qualify as problem drinkers, 28% struggle with some level of depression, and 19% demonstrate symptoms of anxiety." There are a number of ways to de-stigmatize this problem, and it starts with raising awareness.

Keep Growing: What Got You Here, Won't Get You There. "Step back and take the time to look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself, 'How am I developing my skills as a lawyer?'"

What Great Listeners Actually Do. Don't just soak up information, reflect it back with insight and feedback.

12 Mindfulness Hacks You Can Use in 24 Hours. Pick one to start. Any one of these will benefit you. And this piece underscores an important point: mindfulness is not solely about meditation.

And tomorrow morning we head up the road for a family vacation. I will leave you with the view from our deck ....