Friday, July 8, 2016

What I Have Been Reading and Sharing This Week

Trying to get back in the swing of writing from time to time in this medium. 

Please enjoy what I have been reading and sharing this week. Comment welcome via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Neuroscientists say multitasking literally drains the energy reserves of your brain via Dan Harris

Mossberg: The tyranny of messaging and notifications via Bob Ambrogi

On Being: Elizabeth Gilbert: Choosing Curiosity Over Fear

I grouped these three together for a reason: I am developing a theory (ok, not my theory but maybe I am adopting it), that distractions (and particularly tech distractions) help kill creativity. 

Broad brush, distractions interrupt boredom (and concentration) and boredom is a necessary state to spark curiosity, which in turn is a predicate to creativity.  I particularly like Elizabeth Gilbert's definition of creativity: choosing curiosity over fear.  And if we are never bored, in no small part because of the dopamine dispensers in our hands .....

When GCs Hire Law Firms Instead of Keeping Legal Work In-House, Legal Productivity

10 things that law firms are saying that kill innovation, by Shaun Temby  via Casey Flaherty

Why Law Firms Should Focus on Adaptation and Not Disruption, by Jordan Furlong

The next three links are some ruminations on law firms.  Obviously figuring out how to get work from in-house lawyers is important for an out-house lawyer like me. And innovating, or adapting to changes in how law is practiced, will continue to be a priority.

Healthy, Happy and Hands-Free (the Economist).

Finally, an article about how the driverless car may change the way we plan and use urban and rural space. Fewer parking garages can't be all bad ....