Friday, August 20, 2010

Disparate Links: Discipline, Books, Presentations, Conference Calls, and Internet Hoaxes

This is not so much a blog post as an effort to try to manage and cull my Evernote notebook of various topics before it gets out of control.

Scott Ginsberg's 11 Ways to Discipline Yourself Without Destroying Yourself. What I really like about this approach and mindset is the emphasis on process, patience, rituals, and gradual progress (as John Hiatt would say, a "Slow Turning". And another newsflash, desire has nothing to do with it.

Fast Company Expert Blog's Thirteen Business Books that Will Blow Your Mind. More to add to your wish list.

Cordell Parvin's Secrets to Writing an Article or Giving a Presentation to Get Hired: Clients don't care about what you do. They care about solving problems, finding opportunities, and anticipating and reacting to change. And they are short on time. What you write and present must reflect these fundamental points.

The Worst Conference Call Ever: Have You Been There? Katya Andresen (a frequent author and blogger on nonprofit marketing, the COO of a phenomenal organization Network for Good, and my friend and neighbor growing up) posted this video, which is hilarious because most of those things have happened to many of us on large group calls.

Techrepublic's Top 10 Sites to Debunk Internet Hoaxes. Whom among you does not receive email chains with multiple forward headers making outrageous claims (Microsoft will pay you for forwarding email,Britney Spears has met an untimely end, etc.)? By now it should be clear that you shouldn't believe everything you read in an email message, or on the web. These sites will help you evaluate the truth of all this noise.