Thursday, August 26, 2010

Helpful Software Tools

There are many easy-to-use (and inexpensive) tools available for file management, storage and transfer. Here are a couple you may want to consider:

Dropbox. I learned about this product via Tom Mighell and the Kennedy-Mighell Report.

If you work on more than just your office computer, you may be used to carrying files on a thumb drive or emailing documents to yourself when working remotely. Doing so can involve a number of steps to make sure that your documents (and the correct versions of those documents) end up back on your server. And of course, thumb drives are more than easy to misplace.

Dropbox makes this process simpler by storing files online, allowing access to those files from any computer, and syncing changes to those files automatically. The program even allows file sharing with others for collaboration.

YouSendIt Often a large file I send via email exceeds the size limit for the recipient's server. YouSendIt allows you to upload a file through your browser, and then email the recipient a link to download the file. Very simple. In addition, there are several options whereby you can password protect your document (if you are not doing so already in the document itself), and verify receipt of the file. YouSendIt has a free plan, in addition to several paid options.