Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Observations on Creativity, Modern Businesses and Innovation

Several very important posts below. My apologies if I have not hat-tipped the folks who pointed them my way. Chances are Melissa Brumback or Kevin O'Keefe had something to do with my finding them.

An Anti-Creativity Checklist- by Youngme Moon at the Harvard Business School and author of Different. Very provocative. Every manager and owner should take five minutes to watch this video and critically consider how many of these items are on their respective lists.

Foundation Elements for modern businesses. My favorite observations in this Seth Godin post: "When the marginal cost of an interaction approaches zero, you benefit by creating plenty of them," and "Match expenses to cash flow-- don't run out of money because it's no longer 1999."

Six Secrets to Creating a Culture of Innovation. Tony Schwartz blogs on the Harvard Business Review about the moves an organization must make in order to foster real creativity and innovation (the hard work of applying those creative ideas to your business). The points:

1. Meet People's Needs
2. Teach Creativity Systematically
3. Nuture Passion
4. Make the Work Matter
5. Provide the Time
6. Value Renewal