Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scott Ginsberg's 10 Ways to Be Wise Beyond Your Years

I am embarrassed to admit I had never heard Scott Ginsberg's name until yesterday.

His post entitled 10 Ways to Be Wise Beyond Your Years is required reading. Drawing on Jack Johnson and Lao Tzu for inspiration, Ginsberg emphasizes the importance of direct experience, critical thinking, knowing yourself, teaching, and constant, targeted effort in the pursuit of wisdom.

Note especially Point Number 2, "Speed up Your Unlearning Curve," and Ginsberg's exhortation to unlearn "dangerous prejudices, outdated desires, false interpretations, inherited biases, outworn assumptions, previous definitions, useless fears and stale scripts," as well as his advice to write every day (Point 9) and establish a learning plan (Point 10).

Thanks to Cordell Parvin for tweeting this out.