Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earl's List: More Productivity Tools and Tips for Law Practices

This post could also be called a mass-share (or Spring Cleaning) of items piling up in my Evernote "software" notebook.  Here goes:

9 iPad Productivity Tips:   (RocketMatter)  I especially appreciate knowing how to lock-in Portrait or Landscape mode.

5 Ways to Put LinkedIn to Work For Your Business (via @kevinokeefe):  With 150 million business members, it is a resource you have to figure out how to tap.

5 Tips on Using Bcc in Outlook Email (Outlook Blog via @tommighell):  no need to fly "blind" anymore.

Becoming a Mind-Mapping Jedi (Law Practice Today):  (Columbia's own Dave Maxfield is a co-author)  We attorneys tend to miss the forest for the trees.  Mind-mapping helps you "begin with the end in mind."

5 Microsoft Office Hacks to Finish Tasks Faster (Lawyerist).  Templates and short-cuts and styles.  Make Word work for you, not the other way around.

21 Best Tools and Apps to Significantly Boost Your Work Productivity (via Attorney At Work).  Something for everyone here.  The goal setting apps look particularly intriguing.

Make Your Own Shortcuts in Word (Gadgetwise):  The Developer tab is very useful.

Update:  The Hytech Lawyer's Updated List of iPad Apps for Lawyers